The commission for the Promotion and Protection of Rights of cultural, religious and linguistic communities in South Africa has summoned flamboyant prophet Shepherd Bushiri to a hearing slated today March 1, 2017.

Bushiri has been accused of giving false prophecy to Mrs. Mpho Antonio during one of his sermons in January,2017,which has resulted in her marriage shakeup.

Mpho’s husband, Antonio claims he is aiming at exposing all the tricks of Bushiri and advocating for media to freely cover Bushiri’s services without being censored or intimidated. A war of words has since broken.
Antonio has summoned his fellow bikers to help him deal with Bushiri as Bushiri has responded with threats of death on Antonio.

Bushiri has been told to bring certifications that he is a prophet,recordings of the sermon and any other material which may help him during the hearing.

Bushiri has further been asked to appear with his lawyer or any other witness and failing to do so, he will be slapped with criminal charges.







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