A popular priest in India, has been under fire after he revealed that women who wear jeans trouser and provocative clothes, should be drowned in the sea

A video which emerged online some hours ago has shown the moment a Catholic priest in India was filmed condemning women who wear jeans, saying they should be ‘drowned in the sea’. He was reported to have made this comment as he man of God tried to justify the cat of a man who ‘defiled’ his sister because she wore revealing shorts and t-shirts.

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Father Sharlom

Dailymail disclosed that, Father Sharlom, who spoke at a Christian convention, told a crowd in the state of Kerala that he does not wish to let women in jeans into his church.

He said: “After I lecture young men on the ways of God, they come to me later and tell me. Father, after absorbing all the knowledge you give us, we exit and are exposed to semi-naked women. We’re involuntarily provoked and aroused. When a father or a young man has come to the church to offer themselves to the God, if you’re standing beside him, having dressed provocatively enough to distract him, you’re a sinner, and you deserve to be tied down to the depths of the sea.”

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