A Zambian married woman explains how confused she is as their former garden boy wants the two children he had  with her, back. Hear her story below

I am a lady aged 40 years working as a teacher at a certain secondary school in Kitwe. I have been married to the same man for 20 years now. we got married on 24 August 1998 in Lusaka and transferred to the Copperbelt.

6 years after marriage we had no child as my husband had low sperm count. Doctors said he cannot father me with any child as he was infertile. But because of the demands from him to have children, I secretly decided to entice our garden boy who was five years younger than me so that we can have sex and have kids for my loving husband.

I am not a kind of a person who like going out with other men and the sexual encounter with the garden boy was the first outside marriage.

Fortunately that month, I conceived and I gave birth to a baby girl and my husband happily named her Blessings/Mapalo. After two years I again engaged in sexual relationship with the same garden boy and I gave birth to a baby boy.

My husband has even bought me three cars and two houses for giving him “two children”. I have even been to Europe and USA for holidays with my husband and kids.

Our marriage has been a happy one until last month when our former garden boy who works somewhere now, decided to demand for his children. He came to school where I teach and threatened to take me to court if i don’t surrender his two children.

I pleaded with him to allow me to continue having sex with him so that he does not take the children but he refused. I tried to give him K20,000, he took the money but still demands for his children.

This incident will be more embarrassing to my husband who believes the children are his biological children and will even kill himself since he has BP.

I don’t know how my in laws, biological parents and workmates will be treating me once they discover the two kids are not for my loving husband. My husband is infertile according to what doctors told me. All my two children resembles my former garden boy.

what should I do please help. I wanted to take my own life but i fear hell. I am extremely disturbed now and I have even gone on leave from work.

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