These prophets and pastors have basically just become too much if you ask me. What kind of God are they teaching the masses to subscribe to?

A Limpopo prophet and a married woman were publicly shamed after getting stuck together whilst having sex and being forced to shout for help.

When asked, the prophet led the crowd to laugh after he insisted that he was actually performing a ‘miracle’ on the married woman since she was barren.

The couple were caught in the middle of an intimate in Limpopo (S.A) during the weekend.The adulterous couple got stuck during a romp after the woman’s husband got a witch doctor to curse her genitals.

It turned out that the prophet was unable to detach from his partner and also unable to control the pain that came with their embarrassing situation, both let out loud yells that attracted the neighbours.

A crowd milled around the house and the two were carried outside on a sheet as more and more people gathered to see the shamed lovers, still locked together and draped only in more sheets.
















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