A Kenyan woman married to a disabled ‘small’ man shared her heartwarming story on Facebook as she declares her love for him, and reveals how they both met and all.

She says:

“We were worshiping together at a church in 2003.We parted ways in 2004 and we would later meet in 2009.I didn’t see him in that boyfriend/girlfriend way but we were friends, normal friends.” she said.

“He would always tell me that I look like a woman who can make a good mom for his kids. Then one thing led to another and in 2010 he proposed. I was overwhelmed, by the love and what people would say. You see he is short and disabled. I wasn’t sure about whether to say yes or no so I asked him for more time. I prayed to God and I became sure it was him.

Many people talked so Ill of us. Some said I accepted him because I was desperate.

“It is all water under a bridge. We had a colorful wedding in 2011.I am so happy with my “short, dark and handsome. We are trying for kids but no pressure at all. I am actually happy. Very happy”

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