Drama in Manyowe, Man boasts for impregnating, infecting 13 year old girl with HIV virus


It is now almost a week after a man identified as Mariko is in palms of Malawi Police at Chichiri after allegedly impregnating 13 year old primary school girl and infecting her with deadly HIV virus.

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The news was unearthed on March 18, 2017 after as case was failed to be solved civilly at Manase Police station, as the suspect managed to bribe some police officers.

With the bribery, the suspect was reported to be released and in joyous mood he got drunk.

“Ine ndine munthu wolemera, a Police aku Malawi sangamange munthu ngati ine, I impregnated your daughter and gave her virus but they set me free,” Suspect quoted shouting at victim’s mother according to his neighbourhood residents.

Furiously, the mother of victim reported to rush to Manase Police station next morning again, she fell to her knees before some officers in charge and openly said:

“How much did Mariko give you, we did not sleep last night as he proudly voiced out what he did to my daughter, impregnating and infecting her with virus while saying he can’t be arrested as he is rich.

“Just give me a letter so that I may go to other legal persecutors to handle my daughter’s case,” poor mother said in tears.

The Police officers upon hearing this they were in freezing state while knowing if this poor mother would go to some places their job would be risked. Therefore, they pleaded with the crying mother not to go elsewhere and assured her the case might be solved amicably by then.

The officers reportedly called Mariko, upon his arrival was locked up and after some few moments, he was taken to Chichiri.

According to reports, the court was supposed to hear Mariko’s case on March 23, but the date was late postponed.

The victim is identified as Pilirani as she is 13 and standard 6 pupil at Manyowe Primary school in Blantyre, city west.

While Mariko is likely in his early 40s, people in Manyowe know him well with his business of selling maize.

The suspect will appear before the court soon likely to answer to the charge of defilement (section 138 of the penal code) which attracts a maximum punishment of 14 years imprisonment if one is convicted.


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