A Kenyan lady, Vybez Vashnadze, has become popular on social media after sharing a photo collage of her 11 ex-boyfriends.

The lady shared the photo of all the former boyfriends who broke her heart on her Facebook page.

Lady shows off her 11 ex-boyfriends
Lady shows off her 11 ex-boyfriends on Facebook, says she would never forget them

In the post, Vashnadze expressed that she passed through all the bad to get to the good, adding that she would never forget the 11 men.

She wrote: “You have to pass through wrong guys before you get the right one.. I will always remember you guys.”

Lady shows off her 11 ex-boyfriends

According to reports the lady lives in Embu, in Kenya is a student of Kenyatta University

A Facebook user, Vybez Vashnadze, who saw the post, expressed that the lady was right but going through 11 boyfriends before getting to the right one was not the right way.

He wrote: “That’s the name of a Kenyan lady who recently went viral by posting a collage of her exes with caption ‘you have to pass through the wrong guys to get to the right one…’ she is very correct… it kind of reminds me of a song by Natasha Bedingfield where the chorus goes “Tell me how many frogs do I have to kiss before I find my prince?”

“What tires the eyes of my mind with wander however, is the number of exes she paraded. She posted 11 pictures and I think I can go ahead and say these are just the ones she has pictures of. Is there a number too high for the stack-pile for exes? I know there is that one person out there for everyone but if you have to pass through 11 (or more) to get to her/him, should that not be a soft voice in your head telling you to change what you look for and/or change what you look like? I am not talking about the physical looks.”

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