By orchestra Kamanga

Since the death of their representative to their forefathers spirits Mbona in Khulubvi, Nsanje in 2005, ‘Chipembezo chamakolo'(Malawi’s Traditional Church) had no-one to take their grievances to ‘Mbona.’

Since that gap the religious group has since elected their representative whom they called ‘Salima’ a wife to Mbona to report their problems which they are facing such challenges include drought, hunger crisis, floods, economic hardships just to mention but a few.

President of the religion (Tate) Fred Kwacha said the religion cannot stay without having their representative because is the one who communicate them to Mbona’s spirits for fortunes.

“Each year we hold sacrifice ceremony to ask our God if we have some challenges. So we need to have that person in place to report such grievances on our behalf,” he said, adding that they choose a royal woman who is not practicing witchcraft because he can die in the process of reporting our challenges.

With branches across the southern part of the country which include Zomba, Mulanje, Mozambique, Nsanje, Blantyre, the religion encourages people in the country or Africa as a whole to pray their ancestor’s spirits rather than foreign ones.

“Each continent pray their own forefathers spirits why not Africa,” wondered Tate Fred Kwacha.

He said they preach that Malawians should pray their own ancestor’s spirits and not copying foreign ones. He therefore urged all people to pray spirits of Mbona in Khulubvi, Nsanje and Makewana of nsinja to be blessed abundantly.

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