As 2017 national exams are near, MANEB has urged schools in the country to provide themselves any form of backup source of power such as generators and solar panels especially during the sitting of computer practical examinations.

According to the statement from the Exam Board, this is so due to the power cut outs since there is no guarantee of uninterrupted power supply during the administration of computer studies exams.

“There is no agreement with ESCOM on provision of uninterrupted power supply this year. This is the more reason MANEB want all schools that offer computer studies to arrange themselves for a standby generator or solar energy for power in case there would be no power during the sitting of computer studies practical exams,” stated the statement.

“This arrangement will ensure that Computer Studies candidates are not negatively affected during the administration of the practical examination,” adds the statement.

The issue of candidates taking two practical examinations on the same day has be stated in the statement also, where by MSCE Biology paper 2, and Agriculture paper 2, will be administered on the same day.

“It should be noted, however, that MANEB already looked at the pros and cons of such an arrangement and it was discovered that it poses almost no risk at all to both the candidates and the examination results. This, however calls for the effort of the subject teacher, invigilator and the Headteacher to ensure proper administration of the practical papers,” reads the statement.

Another issue is of selection of invigilators for Special Needs Education (SNE) learners, which according to MANEB they had been receiving complaints since the District Education Managers Offices had less powers over such invigilators.

Responding to such complaints, DEM`s offices have been mandated to select the said invigilators beginning this year.










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