The evil uncle has  killed his nephew, 4-year-old boy, skinned him alive  and he ate his heart and drank the boy’s blood has left many people in shock.

A four-year-old boy who was snatched by his ‘voodoo’ uncle was ‘skinned alive’ before allegedly having his heart eaten by the family member, according to reports in South Africa. The ‘evil killing’ of Kamvelihle Ngalathe has rocked his home village after his gran tracked him down to a blood-soaked house of horror.

Kamvelihle had gone missing while out playing with friends.

Gran Nontuthuezelo Gwanya, 70, launched a search in the middle of the night in a desperate bid to find him. The gran’s sister then tipped her off her to check for the missing boy at her son’s house saying she feared he was ‘in the grip of Satan” and ‘did not trust him’.

When she knocked at the door at 2am her nephew would not let her in so she forced it open and her screams at what she saw brought villagers running. Police returned and arrested the 30-year-old man.

Neighbours said the boy’s ribs were on the sideboard and his skull had been skinned and split in half with remains of his brain by a salt shaker.


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