The barbaric act of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in public functions continues with the latest being at Comesa hall during the funeral service of Helen Singh, President of United Independent Party (UIP).

An eyewitness who attended the funeral service told faceofmalawi reporter that the DPP cadets wanted to beat up Ulemu Msungama of Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

The cadets were not happy with his presence at the funeral following the Supreme Court ruling on Lilongwe City South East Constituency Parliamentary seat.

The Supreme Court annulled the 2014 Lilongwe south east Parliamentary election’s results and called for a re-run on grounds that there was rigging.
Bentry Namasasu of DPP won the seat but the ruling meant that Namasasu is no longer an MP.

Msungama was smuggled out of Comesa by the police.

On Saturday DPP Governor Osward Chirwa snatched a microphone from Kasungu central MP (MCP) Amon Nkhata at a funeral of late mother to senior chief Lukwa.

The development did not please the angry community who reacted harshly by pelting stone at DPP officials who attended the funeral ceremony.

The pandemonium also forced the church members to abandon the funeral service.

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