Angry mob in Lilongwe in an area known as Kaphiri went on riot at a police station that saw the ant riot police car commonly known as chimbaula being burnt as they opted to punish for themselves a suspect whom is said to have played a role in a murder of a Kabaza business man.

Reports say that on Friday around 7 pm a certain man approached the Kabaza rank where people take Kabaza lifts and booked one motorcycle for a ride.

While on the way, the suspect attacked the Kabaza man with a screwdriver and his 5 colleagues who were waiting along the way came to help in the attack until the Kabaza man breathed his last.

During the attack, one of the five men dropped his identity card which police used to apprehend one of them.

When the deceased`s family got the news, they went to the police station to force the police to release the suspect so that they could punish him by themselves.

The rumpus started after the deceased was buried and his family together with other people gathered at the police station with others burning tires, shouting as well as throwing stones at passing vehicles.

All this was to force the police to let go of the suspect to be punished directly by the angry people who were waiting outside the station.

During the fracas, police ant riot car (Chimbaula) was sent to the scene but unfortunately it was over powered and torched down by the mob.

One police source has disclosed that the Chimbaula car had no enough fuel that also contributed to it being torched as it could not flee when the mob started attacking it.

It has since been reported that some police officers were injured during the attack and they had to ran for their lives.

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