A 13 year old virgin from Newcastle in KZN (S.A) shocked her entire community when she revealed early this week that she had fallen pregnant without sleeping with a man.

Thulise Mkhwanazi who is doing grade 9 this year was sent away from home by her mother when it was discovered that she is pregnant. She is currently staying with her aunt in Pietermaritzburg as her mother is still angry with her.

She revealed that an old man appeared to her in a dream at night and introduced himself to her as her great grandfather who died in in the 1800s. The old man stated in the dream that he will be coming back to life through her.

According to Thulise, the old man told her she will carry a child, but she must remain pure and not sleep with a man. The old man also revealed that he would like to be reborn because he would like to come back to earth and fix mistakes he made when he was alive back in his time.

“I had this dream in December last year. I did not take it seriously until last month when I noticed some changes on my body. I went to the clinic and I discovered  that I am pregnant. I challenge anyone who would like to prove my virginity to come and check me, I’m still a virgin.” Thulisile said.

According to a report from a local clinic, she is now 3 months pregnant and she is carrying a boy.


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