A married woman who was caught by her husband in bed with her son-in-law right inside their bedroom, shocked everybody present when she claimed she was only paying the son-in-law back for being caring and taking good care of her when she was sick.

It was gathered that the disgraced woman, Mary Marimirofa was caught by her husband Edmore Mushipe, dishing out $exual goodies to their son-in-law, Peter Dube.

In defence she told him she was paying him (Dube) in kind for taking care of her when she was sick.

According to B-Metro, the woman also told her husband that her son-in-law was “hotter” in bed than him.

The woman was taken to Chief of their village and was charged with committing an abomination.

Confirming the shocking incident Chief Nemangwe said the two had probably been having $ex for sometime.

He said: “What happened is that when Marimirofa fell ill, her husband who has two wives failed to raise money to take her to hospital until his son-in-law Dube came to the rescue. When Dube took his mother-in-law to Gokwe Hospital he constantly visited her until she fully recovered. That’s probably the time the two fell in love.

“Marimirofa was always inviting Dube to their home and her husband suspected nothing until he was tipped by some villagers that the two were seeing each other. He initially dismissed the rumours until the night he caught the two in bed.

“Since Mushipe has two wives, Marimirofa would invite her son-in-law to sleep with her each time the husband would be with another wife. “On the night he caught them, Mushipe was tipped by some neighbours who saw Dube sneaking into Marimirofa’s bedroom hut.”

He further said when Mushipe went to Marimirofa’s bedroom hut he was reportedly greeted with some funny noises coming from the two lovebirds who were apparently making love. “When he tried to forcibly open the door, Marimirofa refused saying it was not her duty to sleep with him.

“When he finally gained entry through the help of some neighbours he got the shock of his life when he found his son-in-law stark naked hiding under the bed”.

He added: “When the matter came before my court Marimirofa who initially bragged to her husband that her son-in-law was better in bed than him, later confessed saying the $ex act was a token of appreciation to her son-in-law for paying her hospital bills and medication”.


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