The Malawi Police Service (MPS) have accused Rumphi East Member of Parliament Kamlepo Kalua of faking his abduction to gain political sympathy.

Kalua went missing last week and was found on Sunday morning at Kwacha Round about in the commercial capital Blantyre with both hands and legs tied up with a blue ropes.

He claimed that he had been dumped by what he suspected were regime abductors.

National Police Spokesperson James Kadadzera while indicating that the police will investigate the matter when contact for comment, he accused Kamlepo of faking his abduction.

“Someone who is abducted for one week cannot dress as smart as he was at the time he was found. He could have time to shave his beads and put on clean clothes and shoes.”

Police spokesman also trashed Kalua’s claimed that he was tortured, saying the legislator “has no marks to substantiate to torture.”
He said Police are investigating the matter.

Kalua’s photo has also attracted debate on the social media with others taking photos of themselves tied and comfortably sat as the legislator was found.

As this is not enough, other social commentators have likened Kalua’s abduction to the then Minister of Information Moses Kunkuyu who went missing ahead of 2009 general election.

Dave Namusanya, a social commentator wrote: “In the run up to the 2009 elections, a certain gentleman contesting for one of the seats in Blantyre claimed he was abducted. One of the papers screamed on the front page that a candidate was missing. From there, his reputation soared although he was discovered days later. Dumped. Clean. Unshaken. Unharmed.

“Nevertheless, his act earned him a seat in Parliament. Then, when regimes changed and he switched allegiance as the opportunist he has always been, he became a minister.”

He added: “In the between of his holding public offices, it was established that the crook was never abducted in the run up to the 2009 polls. He had actually staged his own abduction, paid reporters to report it while he was sexing some concubine in some downtown Lodge in Blantyre. Thank God, nobody cares about such things in Malawi. So, he was allowed to keep his public offices, even switch around them despite fooling the public.

“Now, the gentleman is an evangelist of good governance, a crusader against our leaders whom he accuses of having a character flaw (like himself is not the master) and he gets interviewed by our journalists so he can bash current public office holders.”

“Forget that gentleman and fast forward to 2017.

“Kamlepo Kalua.

“I end it there. He is not worthy of any attention just as his other outbursts in recent days ought to be ignored.” He added.

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