A pastor who convinced a teenage girl’s parents that their daughter was possessed, was busted after it emerged he had wanted to spend quality time with the girl and sexually abuse her.

Details of the horrendous act came to light when the girl told her brother, who in turn set a trap for the man of God.

It was noted that sometime last year, the pastor approached the girl’s’ parents and told them of how their 17 year old daughter was possessed and he needed her to spend time at his house for prayers.

The salvation hungry parents readily agreed.

On the third day, the girl reported that the pastor sneaked into her room while his wife slept and proceeded to molest her.

She also tells of how she was scared to scream. The girl then confided in her brother who advised her to set up a camera for evidence.


Like a mouse to a trap, the pastor came back for his usual session and proceeded to rape the girl, this time the camera was recording every moment.

After the video got leaked, the girl’s parents are said to have gone livid and threatened to kill the pastor.

A police report was made.


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