Except if a lady loves you like genuinely, there are some things she wouldn’t ever tell you. Ladies are very good when it comes to hiding secrets.

These are some of the lies she tells you when you are dating. I am sure you can relate with some of these lies

1.He is just my friend

At a point in time, there is always one particular male friend she has. They talk almost about everything.

He gets the most of her attention. Even if there is more to it, she wouldn’t ever let you know the deal.

2. Number of sexual partners

Ladies wouldn’t answer this question when asked.

Who does not like to act good?a lady wouldn’t want you to know how many guys she has opened her legs for.

3. Reason her ex left her

she is gonna come up with wrong reasons why he left.She is definitely gonna try to make herself look good without flaws.

4. Not sexually active

you begin to get things like”its been a while i had sex”. well of course, the number of times she had sex can’t be measured. she even tries to act naive at their first experience.

5. I don’t have call card/money

Ladies don’t ever admit they are financially OK. they are always broke and out of call card. She always want you to do the calling and spending, even when they have.

6. I’m on my period

at a point, you begin to wonder if some ladies see their period everyday.

there is never a stop.

They keep telling you they are on their period when it is time to get down to business or when they come visiting.





























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