Emmanuel Macron became the youngest president in the history of France on Sunday in Paris, where he vowed to raise the country’s global standing and push the pro-Europe agenda that helped catapult him to the the nation’s highest office.

Macron, 39, was inaugurated at the Élysée Palace before addressing the citizens of a country reeling from a loss of manufacturing jobs and experiencing a wave of immigration.

In his inauguration speech, he said he would tackle the world’s migration crisis and fight terrorism during his five-year term while bridging a divided French citizenry.

“My mandate will give the French back the confidence to believe in themselves,” Macron said. “The division and fractures in our society must be overcome. I know that the French expect much from me. Nothing will make me stop defending the higher interests of France and for working to reconcile the French.”

Macron, a political neophyte who ran as an independent candidate, defeated his far-right rival Marie Le Pen in a runoff election last week. Macron, a former investment banker, favors staying in the European Union. He plans on addressing the issue of climate change and shaking up French politics, with his party planning to run new candidates for Parliament seats.

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