The 100 metre long skywalk goes around China`s mountain called of Tianmen which is in southern China’s Zhangjiajie National Forest Park.

It features 99 road turns and it is not for the chicken-hearted people.

The bridge walkway is just 1.6 metres wide, and the sheer 1.5 km drop ensures dizzying views of China`s Zhangjiajie park.

Tourists brave the sky-walk for a unique view of the National Forest Park. 

Some tourists prefer to stick closer to the edge of the mountain.  

Their National Forest Park already boasts a 430-metre glass-bottomed suspension bridge.

The suspension bridge had its strength put to the test last year on June 25 when officials smashed part of the glass surface with a hammer.

A second test saw a car filled with passengers drive across the bridge.




























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