A 17 year old Indian boy woke up on the way to his funeral which shocked family and villagers.

The boy, Kumar Marewad was believed to be dead after he was taken to the hospital after being bitten by a stray dog. Marewad had come down with a high fever and was put on a ventilator after his condition worsened.

Doctors told Marewad’s family he would not survive if life support was removed because the infection had spread throughout his body. His family chose to take him instead of continuing treatment.

When Marewad showed no body movement at the home, his relatives thought he had died. They asked fellow villagers to prepare Marewad for his last rites and funeral.

As the family was close to the village where the funeral was located, Marewad opened his eyes, started breathing and moved his hands and legs.

The 17-year-old was then rushed back to the hospital.

Dr. Mahesh Neelakhantannavar disclosed that the boy is now back on a ventilator.

“We suspect he suffers from “meningoencephalitis”, an infection caused due to dog bite,” Neelakhantannavar said.

Marewad’s incident sounds like it’s something from the Twilight Zone, but he’s still breathing.



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