FaceofMalawi came across an expose on Telegram revealing how a man has been sleeping with the neighbour’s wife for 7 years

Wife who cheated on her husband for 7 year to a neighbour

Read everything below:

“CHEATING WIFE❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️

Note: Am posting this with findings from our investigation.

So a while ago a client came to us, he is a member here and he suspected his wife of 7 years is cheating on him.

So we set out on a journey to find out if it’s true ama nikuwekerewo😊.

And indeed we established that indeed she was cheating on her hubby with some Luhya guy.

And guess what,she has  been f**** a  guy who lives next door.what a shame.cheza away match mbali ma home ground.

The wifes name is Emily.

Neighbour is known as Caleb Wafula of 0710548480

I have over 108 audio recordings of their escapades.(which we have given the hubby)

This is a lady our client married in 2010. They have 2 daughters, one is 6, the other 1.

The B***** deleted her fb account immediately

Sadly they Parted ways on Tuesday with the hubby after he realised this.

After the findings,this is what the hubby told us…

“I will never ever make such a mistake of marrying an uneducated stay at home woman.”

Her number (Emily) is 0724772702.

To our client, we are sorry it reached to this point.

Concentrate on raising your girls.❤️❤️.”



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