A tenant has landed in serious trouble after bringing in too many women to his home and making loud noises during s*x.

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Lameck Marufu (32) a tenant at Bulawayo’s Njube suburb of Zimbabwe was thrown out by her landlady, Alice Ncube over the incident, according to a report by B-metro.

“Marufu is giving me a hard time at my home. He brings different women and when I confront him he always insults me. We no longer live in peace with my other tenants because when he is with his girlfriends, they make a lot of noise. At the same time he refuses to pay electricity and water bills,” said Ncube.

She further revealed that Marufu had become a nuisance as he at times called her names after having one too many beers.

“He is always fighting with his girlfriends and I am afraid that one day there might be tragedy at my house, therefore, he must vacate my house with immediate effect.

“I am sick and tired of his behaviour and I need peace in my life,” said Ncube.

Marufu was apologetic when he appeared before magistrate Tancy Dube and upon being given a chance to respond to the allegations, he first apologised to the old woman.

He further stated that he only disrespected Ncube when he was intoxicated stating that he was going to change his behaviour.

However, Ncube did not have a change of heart as she maintained that he had to move with immediate effect and the order was granted in favour of the applicant.

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