A woman has pleaded with a Court in Nigeria to put an end to her union with her husband whom she says used to smell her pants and fingers her each time she travelled to check whether she had slept with another man.

Dasola Adeosun also accused her husband of trying to use their only two-year-old child for money rituals.

According to her statement in court: “My husband married me about three and a half years ago as a virgin and we gave birth to a child who is two-years-old. We have separated for about one and a half years and he has not been responsible for our welfare.

“Whenever he beats me, he either takes me to the hospital for treatment by himself or calls a nurse to come and set a drip for me in the house. I’ve tried to endure his excesses but it seems my patience does not pay any longer.

“After delivering my baby, he insisted on taking the child to his family house where unfortunately, my things were set on fire when a stick of matches was lit and thrown into my room through a window.

“It was after that incident that he told me he was taking the child to Lagos for money rituals. He took this step twice but he returned to me with the baby that he was told the child was not useful.

“Each time I asked him to give me money to take care of our child, he would say ‘the child is not useful for me’, and since then I’ve been doing what I could for the child.

“I can’t dispute the fact that his sisters brought golden morn and milk for the child every month since he started feeding on them but it’s not enough.

“He paid no dowry on me before we became husband and wife, I was the one who ran to him.”

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