This newborn baby defied nurse’s belief, normal developmental goals and gravity to take to her tiny feet and walk in the hospital just minutes after being born.

The stunned workers in the Brazilian maternity hospital were trying to bath the little girl with the very large will for the very first time.
But the newborn had very different ideas.

In the video, a midwife cradles the little baby across her chest with one arm and is clearly stunned as the miracle baby wriggles to walk on her own.

The nurse, dressed in surgical robes with a clinical mask over her mouth, cries out in Portuguese in amazement: ‘Oh my gosh, the girl is walking. Good gracious!’

‘Wait let me film this,’ another person in the room can be heard saying.

They then shout for another colleague called Ju to come to witness the amazing moment.

‘Ju, Ju come and see this,’ they cry.

The midwife in the video explains that she has been trying to give the baby a bath but the child just wants to get up and walk.

‘Merciful father. I was trying to wash her here and she keeps getting up to walk,’ she says as she points with one hand to where she initially tried to lay the baby down to give the child her very first bath.

‘She has walked from here to here,’ she says pointing across the distance the newborn has already covered.

Her incredible will and super-baby strength would make the animated characters in Baby Boss and Stewie in Family Guy look less far-fetched than they may have previously appeared.

The amazing video was uploaded to social media on Friday.

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