By Orchestra Kamanga

After realizing the need of accommodation Gilongo Maideni Bamusi constructed a 20 rooms lodge near soche hill opposite Orlando Bar in Soche.

The lodge which has 12 self contained rooms and 8 non self contained rooms offers affordable price, traditional foods (local foods), maximum security and has friendly employees.

Speaking in an interview Managing Director of the lodge Gilingo Bamusi said that most people surround the area do business of groceries, bar bottle-stores but not lodges hence ventured constructing Baroteli lodge to ease the pressure of accommodation.

“Our services are much cheaper compared to other lodges. Self contain rooms are at K4,000 with TV and fun while non self contain is at K3,000 only,” he said.

He however urged government departments to promote Malawians business not foreigners.

“We surprised because government preaches buy Malawian Products but they are doing the opposite,” he said.

During the launch Nepman, Jay Jay C, W Twice ditches out the music.

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