In what will come across as a really shocking development, a man has reportedly shown his manhood to his maid and offering to teach her s*x.

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A Zimbabwean man from one of Harare’s leafy suburbs is said to have paraded his manhood to his domestic worker on separate occasions. At one point, he is alleged to have demanded to know whether the domestic worker was still a virgin.

Acording to H-Metro, Mucheneripi Japhet Chikunguwo, of Borrowdale, is said to have stormed his maid’s bedroom where he found her n*ked. Chikunguwo allegedly had his private parts dangling from his pants forcing his employee to flee into the bedroom. Chikunguwo allegedly followed his maid into the bedroom where he reportedly told her to look at his manhood. She is said to have refused.

On another incident, Chikunguwo is said to have smashed his wife’s cellphone after accusations that she was recording him while he was shouting at her. This emerged at the Harare magistrates’ court where Chikunguwo appeared answering to disorderly conduct, malicious damage to property and physical abuse. Chikunguwo who was being represented by lawyer Dumisani Mtombeni, denied all the charges when he appeared before magistrate Annie Ndiraya.

The 29-year-old, through his lawyer, was quick to raise complaints against the police saying they had procedurally and wrongfully detained him. He also said that the police detained him for two nights at Borrowdale police station.

The state led by Devoted Nyangano, promised to make some investigations into the complaints raised by Chikunguwo. Circumstances that led to Chikunguwo’s arreast are that on May 14 around 6am, the complainant was in her bedroom after taking a bath.

He reportedly barged into the bedroom with his manhood protruding from his trousers. It is alleged that Chikunguwo looked at his employer, apologized and went out of the room. She did not tell anyone about the incident, according to the state. Three days later she was in the kitchen when her employer approached her wearing a pair of shorts with is manhood dangling outside. Irked by her employer’s action, the maid is said to have rushed into her bedroom where Chikunguwo followed her demanding that she looks at his manhood.

Further accusations are that on May 20 in the morning, Chikunguwo approached his maid, who was doing her chores with his erect manhood protruding from his shorts. It is said that he started caressing it and asked the maid whether she was still a virgin.

The maid is said to have told her employer that it was none of his business to know whether she was still a virgin or not. She then called her brother before revealing her ordeal to Chikunguwo’s wife Linah Mushayandebvu.

On May 28 this year, Chikunguwo is said to have arrived at his place of residence at around midnight. The court heard that Chikunguwo started shouting at his wife who then took her phone and started recording him.

Chikunguwo grabbed the $170 Huawei cellphone and smashed it to the ground. He is also alleged to have twisted his wife’s arm in the process. Chikunguwo’s wife decided to take the matter to the police leading to his arrest.

He is expected to be back in court on June 6 for trial.

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