A highly displeased man has reacted violently after finding out that his wife had saved his number with ‘dog’.

A Kenyan woman in Kisumu County is bitterly regretting why she saved her husband’s name as ‘dog’ in her phone book.

According to SDE, so furious was her husband upon making the discovery that he has sent her packing.

Trouble started after the woman, only identified as Nyaseme, accidentally left her phone in the house as she went to run errands at a nearby market. It is here that the husband, a certain Odhiambo, became curious to know how his wife saved his name in her phone book.

“I was curious to know how she saved my name in her phone,” said Odhiambo, who got a rude shock after he discovered she had saved him as a dog, upon dialling her number.

Odhiambo revealed that when he called his wife’s number, he was stung and didn’t believe what he saw. The phone displayed “Guok (a dog) calling”.

He said: “I first thought it was a nasty dream. How could the woman I had stayed with for more than ten years call me a dog?”

After Odhiambo confronted her, the woman denied, claiming that he is being fussy and overreacting. Efforts by Nyaseme to explain that probably it was a malicious friend who might have changed the name to wreck the marriage fell on deaf ears.

The couple began quarrelling, with Odhiambo accusing her of having another man on the side, hence the disdain for him (Odhiambo).

The angry husband, a father of three, packed the woman’s belongings and threw them outside the home, demanding she brings her parents to explain why their daughter had no respect for him. Nyaseme is believed to hold her husband in contempt and that is partly why she had saved him as a dog.

Nyaseme went to her home of birth and came back with her father. Odhiambo produced the phone, which he had confiscated so as to use it as evidence, dialled it in the presence of his father-in -law. And true to form, the phone showed that, indeed, guok (dog) was the one calling.

Odhiambo wanted no more explanations. He asked his father-in-law to take back his daughter and teach her good manners before he would admit her to his home.

The fate of the marriage is not known.

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