By Orchestra Kamanga

Marketing and Communications Director Ronald Amos has said the company will mid this month (June) re-brand its juice bottles to curb counterfeit products on the market.

Ronald said they will re-brand the bottles by providing new stickers, new features and new bottles within this month.

“We are just waiting for the commissioning of state of art factory because the machine is almost ready,” he said, adding that the company is growing every day with support from the customers.

The company which started on September 2014 has branches in all districts except Likoma and Neno but he said soon they will open their doors in Neno but due to transportation problems Likoma will take longer.

“Our company is located along Kidney Crescent road next to N.R Nichoras building in Dabwisa house at Kristwick,” said Marketing and Communications Director.

He said at the moment they are not facing huddles for the running of the company.

“But I want to assure our customers that they must buy our products on our shops not on the streets because we don’t sell Teras Juice care on the streets,” he said.

Teras Juice is remedy for various unhealthy conditions affecting the human body such as cancer, Diabetes, Aids, Stroke, Heart failure, liver failure just to mention but a few.

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