A Zimbabwean man with gambling addiction, who went to the extremes of betting his wife over the recently played Real Madrid and Juventus match has been fined two beasts.

Reports say that Charles Jambaya (26), did the unthinkable on the 3rd of June when he pledged his wife Caroline Shumba (22) to another man over the Juventus, real Madrid match.

Jambaya had a verbal agreement with Eugene Gumbo (30) that if Real Madrid would beat Juventus in the UEFA Champion’s League final he would give him his wife, while Gumbo placed $500 betting for Real Madrid.

As fate would have it, Real Madrid trounced Juventus by four goals to one and all hell broke loose when Eugene demanded his prize after the match.

Jambaya told his bet mate to go and collect Caroline at his house.

Eugene went to Jambaya’s house and told Caroline that he had won her at the bottle store bet.

Puzzled and perplexed by the story, Caroline ran away and sought refuge at her aunt’s house.

Caroline told her aunt what had transpired and the matter was referred to Chief traditional court.

Appearing before Chief Mazivisa’s traditional court yesterday, Jambaya and Eugene explained that they were not in their pure state of mind since they were drunk.

They explained before the chief`s court, “The chief and all the elders here present, the taboo took place but we were drunk hence we were not in our pure state of mind”, explained Jambaya and Eugene in rapid succession.

In his judgment, the chief fined both Jambaya and Eugene one goat each for contravening the tenets of the Ubuntu philosophy that dictates that a person cannot be sold, neither can he/she be placed as a bet on anything.

He also admonished villagers to desist from betting as this would result in illogical decisions.

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