There was commotion on Wednesday afternoon at the 5+1 All-Inclusive stakeholders’ conference at the Mount Soche Hotel in Blantyre following the insult by Chancellor College Student Union President Sylvester Ayuba James directed at DPP Vice President for the Central Region, Dr. Hetherwick Ntaba.

The whole scuffle started soon after a presentation by Professor Garton Kamchedzera of the Chancellor College on the Public Trust.

Vincent Wandale, People’s Land Organisation (PLO) leader stood and asked for a regime change, saying the President (Peter Mutharika) and his team should be removed on grounds of corruption just like Brazil removed Delmar Rousef.

This was echoed by Human right activists Billy Mayaya who said ‘the white elephant in this room is regime change’.

The statements angered the DPP officials who all stood up at once to respond. Ntaba said they were not called to the meeting to discuss the removal of government.

“We were not invited here for that but if you want to go there then let us know because we can bring more than that,” he said.

Moderator of the meeting, PAC Vice Chairperson, Mr Osman Karim, said the meeting’s agenda was not to remove government but rather for people to express their views on the future of the country.

The room turns into a battle field when Ayuba James of Chancellor College said he could see a devil of Ntaba’s eyes.

“Mr. Ntaba in your speech you said we should into each other’s eye and see where the devil is but I see the biggest devil in your eyes,” said James.
The remarks attracted laughter from the delegates.

Meanwhile the meeting is continuing today.

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