A young lady who had already died, has allegedly risen from the dead during her own funeral, causing quite a stir in the area.

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Mourners who had gathered to mourn the passing of a young lady have been given the shock of their lives when she came back alive.

The girl, identified as Thulani Nokwazi, a Zimbabwean lady, was murdered last week and her body was thrown into a bush. Passersby saw the body and word got to the parents who came to claim it.

The incident which occurred at Bulawayo’s Iminyela suburb, Zimbabwe, caused a stir in the community as police investigation was launched immediately.

According to NewsDay, mourners gathered yesterday to witness the funeral of the young lady when the impossible happened; she came back to life. People who had come to witness the occassion reportedly scattered in all directions.

Thulani was rushed to hospital for further checks. Doctors have confirmed that she is getting better and that her heart condition is stable.

NewsDay reports that Thulani’s family has since been euphoric about the incident, citing it as a miracle.

“We had already given up about ever seen her again.” Her father, Ingoyama Nokwazi, said “She was dead and was being buried. And then all of a sudden she was back again. It is too good to be true. God be praised”

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