The strong security is known when someone comes with a threat, so some quarters have accused ruling government of providing strong protection  to Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Secretary General, Jeffrey wa Jeffrey  which they describe it as ‘abusing of public resources.’

According to reports, Wa Jeffrey has been provided with maximum security by police bodyguards and all her trips have police escorts using state vehicles, situation which has been described as normal by National Police spokesman James Kadadzera.

“It is a duty of law enforcers to provide security to everyone under security threat,” Said Kadadzera.

Despite the security threat that Wa Jeffrey is facing not disclosed, it is likely that some quarters are after her life as some quarters within the party and opposition side describe her speeches as hot air.

However, some civil societies include Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) national coordinator Martin Chiphwanya has accused government of providing enough State security to Wa Jeffrey.

DPP administrative secretary Francis Mphepo said those condemning the move should “go and rot in hell.”

Wa Jeffrey has been faulted in her speeches condemning the opposition of not knowing their duties to help development in the country as they fond of pulling down the ruling government.

Recently, she asked DPP cadets to stone both stone politician Sidik Mia and social commentator Micheal ‘Manganya’ Usi once they will pay visit to Mulanje.

Wa Jeffrey described both Usi and Mia as political diseases that need not to be associated with as they are busy pulling DPP government back instead of giving support in development.

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