A young man has been left totally devastated after being forced to watch as thugs forced themselves on his sister to r*pe her.

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A 22-year-old South African man has revealed that he doesn’t know if his sister will ever recover from being r*ped. And he doesn’t know if he will ever get over being forced to watch her r*pe.

According to Daily Sun SA, when robbers broke into their home in Boikhutsong, Mabopane, in Tshwane on Wednesday morning, the young man heard the noise and went to investigate.

He saw three armed thugs.

“I rushed to my sister’s room to wake her up so we could get away but the thugs came into the bedroom and pointed guns at us,” he said.

He said the thugs tied him up and forced him to watch while they took turns to rape his sister. “I don’t know how I will ever forget it.”

When they were finished, they tied his sister up with wire and went on to take a plasma TV, a tablet and two smartphones.

After the thugs left, the man’s sister dragged herself towards a wardrobe where she managed to get hold of a pair of scissors and cut the wires.

They screamed and neighbours came and called the police, who took her sister to a local hospital.

“They robbed us, but did they have to rape my sister as well? How will she ever trust a man again?”

Mabopane police spokeswoman Captain Rheineth Motlana said cases of house robbery and r*pe were opened.

She said no one had been arrested and asked for anyone with information to come forward.

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