A  3-year-old girl was mistakenly shot by a Taxi driver while playing with her friends on Monday.

The incident occurred after the taxi driver pulled out his loaded gun to shoot a passenger during a heated argument, the passenger fled and a stray bullet ended up hitting the little girl.

Her parents after hearing the gun shot came rushing outside to find their 3-year-old daughter on the ground in agony, after being shot in the thigh.

Her angry 27-year-old mother, from Vosloorus, in South Africa said her daughter nearly died for nothing.

While speaking to the Daily Sun, she said; “We were watching TV when we heard loud gunshots outside. After we realised what had happened, her grand dad tried to catch the taxi man but he was running too fast.”

It was gathered that the little girl was rushed to hospital and has since been released.

The sad mum said she was angry with the Dawn Park Police Station as she had opened a case on Monday but had not heard from the cops since. “Every time we try to find out what’s going on, we get referred to the station commander but his phone is always off,” she said.

Her father said: “We were worried about getting my daughter to hospital and didn’t take down the number plate of the taxi. We thought the cops would look for the taxi because it was the only one at the rank with a broken window. The passenger had smashed it with a brick.”

The Dawn Park police spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Mark Mngomezulu said a case of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm was being investigated.





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