By Robert Kumwenda

President of Umodzi Party has dismissed claims that he is favoring the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Chisi said that had it been that he is favoring (DPP) he could not been the first person to call for the resignation of the Minister of Education Dr Emanuel Fabiano over unpaid arrears for the teachers who are currently on nationwide strike.

He said if government does what is right is there anything wrong to commend it saying that there is peace under DPP.

“We are a party for unity and the base of our party is love if government is doing things worth to be commended is there anything wrong to commend it the same way with the opposition,” he said.

Chisi said he cannot support people who want enter into government through a back door.

The Umodzi Party leader has of late seen government events a thing which has attracted public debate that he is siding with the current government.

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