A suspected rapist’s luck ran out when he was bashed with a big stone at the back of his head while attempting to rape a woman in front of her daughter whom he had just raped.

A Zimbabwean magistrate Mrs Sithabile Zungula yesterday heard how Edmore Chikowore (21) armed with an iron bar held the two women hostage last Sunday.

the rapist, Edmore Chikowore

He allegedly raped the 20-year-old woman while her terrified mother watched.

The rapist allegedly grabbed the elderly woman and tried to force himself on her.

Then the woman`s daughter picked up a stone and bashed Chikowore on the head.

The magistrate remanded Chikowore on his hospital bed, in custody to July 18.

She did not ask Chikowore to plead and advised him to apply for bail at the High Court.

Chikowore who was clad in prison garb, with a bandaged head, was ordered to sit up on his hospital bed for the court session.

Prosecutor Mr John Chaisva told the court that on July 2, the complainant was walking with her mother when they met Chikowore who was armed with an iron rod.

Mr Chaisva said Chikowore told the mother and daughter that he wanted to have sexual intercourse with both of them.

The court heard that Chikowore threatened to kill the pair with his iron rod if they refused to sleep with him.

“The accused ordered the 20-year-old woman to lie down on the ground before he raped her once while her mother watched,” said Mr Chaisva.

The court heard that once he was done with the woman, Chikowore ordered her mother to lie on her back at the same spot.

Mr Chaisva said as Chikowore positioned himself on top of the woman, her daughter rapped the back of his head with a stone.

“As he writhed on the ground, the complainant and her mother called for help,” he said.

Members of the public rushed to the scene and apprehended Chikowore who was bleeding profusely.



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