An unnamed man accidentally set his face on fire while performing during a festival in Russia.

The man’s face, as seen in photos below, erupted in flames during a performance at a festival in the Russian city of Kemerovo in the country’s south-western Kemerovo Oblast region.

He was the third fire-breather to set himself ablaze and the most badly hurt within minutes at the festival. A video shot by witnesses show the man creating huge plumes of fire while surrounded by a crowd of spectators.

The crowd appeared to be a wide range of ages, with young children in the front rows watching the show.

Suddenly his face catches fire and he falls to his knees and tries to extinguish the flames. But as fuel spills from his mouth the blaze gets only fiercer as spectators scream in horror.

Several people run out from the crowd to try to put out the flames with items of clothing while a young woman throws a bottle of water over the man.

The performer falls to the ground as he tries to recover from the injury, but it takes more than ten seconds for the flames to be put out.

He had to be taken by ambulance to a local hospital for treatment to his injuries.



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