Dowa police spokesperson, Richard Kaponda has confirmed the death of a  75-year-old Masiye Maritchi who has lost his life after he was hit by a goat meat seller following a quarrel.

Reports say that on Sunday, the meat seller, Tsanzo Mbewu took his business to a local bar in Mtande village in Dowa.

It was when the deceased came and bought meat and he asked the seller to keep it for him saying he will be back to get it some other time.

When he was back to claim his meat, the suspect Tsanzo told him his grandson had come to collect it already for him.

This did not please the deceased and a quarrel that ended into a fight came in between the two.

Dowa police spokesperson, Kaponda disclosed that in the middle of the fight, the meat seller used his hand to hit the deceased on the forehead and that he hit a nearby wall then lost his consciousness.

“The suspect was arrested and the victim was taken to mtengowanthenga hospital where he died upon arrival,” said Kaponda.

His death was due to haemorrhage as a result of brain injury, postmortem results revealed.

The deceased hailed from Mtande village in the same district while the suspect is from Chatama village.

Tsanzo is expected to appear in court soon.

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