A court in Nkhotakota has ordered an 18-year-old bicycle repairer to pay a fine of K240, 000.00 or face a 3-year jail term after he caused serious injuries to his customer identified as Mbaluka Simawu over a misunderstanding on payments.

The convict has been identified as Rashid Amin who hails from Kanyenda village in the area of Senior Chief Mwadzamwa in Nkhotakota district.

The below photo is used for illustration only;

According to Nkhotakota public relations officer Paul Mwalimwe, the victim had taken his bicycle to the convict to get it repaired and the quarrel that resulted to a fight erupted when the two had a misunderstanding on payments.

“It is said, Amin, worked on Mbaluko’s bicycle which had developed a problem. When the convict finished repairing the bicycle he charged the victim K100 but Mbaluko fetched a K1000 note from the pocket. When the convict saw the K1000 note changed the price which did not go well with the victim,” said Malimwe.

Amin pleaded guilty and asked for leniency saying that he is a breadwinner to his family.

But the prosecuting officer Sergeant Cosmas pleaded with the court that he should be given a stiff punishment.

Passing the magistrate, Fred Juma Chilowetsa said family issues cannot be an excuse in court because such stories do not matter in court.

That is when he ordered the convict to pay K240, 000.00 or to serve a 36-months jail term.


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