A Chef at Gazebo restaurant in Lilongwe has this afternoon exchanged blows with his Asian boss over food that the boss was not pleased with.

Reports that are not confirmed indicate that, today in the morning the Chef cooked food but the boss was not convinced his cooking and a few minutes later an argument started that ended into a fight.

The Malawian Chef sustained minor injuries in his mouth after the fight while his Asian boss came out with a ripped shirt.

Police rushed to the scene where they tried to only arrest the Malawian but the crowd resisted saying that should get them all.

“Take both of them, this is our country it’s not theirs and they should stop taking us for granted,” a voice was heard from the crowd.

With the crowd`s demand to arrest both, the police were seen taking the Asian employer and his employee to Lilongwe Police station for question.

The Asian owns Gazebo restaurant which is at Old Town opposite people`s shop in Lilongwe.

Police are yet to come out with his particulars.


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