Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are very vital to every nation developments  but the problem is that they seem to cater for self- interest of winning funds than to eradicate real striking issues on the ground.

Madonna in Blantyre, Malawi

The Typical example is one of Pop star Madonna project, ‘the nonprofit Raising Malawi’, founded in 2006. In the documentary published in the same year after visiting the country, Malawi has been described as the country besieged by poverty, famine, diseases, and other difficulties.

Watch below:

According to the information sourced by them, 300 children, men and women are infecting by HIV everyday, 240 people die of diseases daily.

However, the source is disputable, how many people  would have been infected by HIV in one decade, reaching this far the whole nation would be infected. The population of Malawi is only estimated 17.2 million  according to 2017 World Population Review.

And only 12 percent of this population is estimated  to be infected with this pandemic, and death rate is estimated 69 per day.

In the article published by Billboard, confirmed the development described Malawi as very impoverished country in the World, almost above one million orphans are left not being taken care.

Another information sourced by Foodtank describing the national poverty rate has increased over the last decade, from 51 percent in 2006 to 59 percent in 2014. Even though this again would be based on assumption, it is clear shown that  2006 the condition was much better in the country.

The image shown by NGOs about Malawi  on international scene is always questionable, is exaggerated to win targeted funds. Regardless some measures taken can affect innocent souls or tainted the image of Malawians, they forsake it in order to win funds.

For instance , in 2006 in Malawi there was no famine, by then country managed to achieve food security as government introduced new food security policy.

NGOs, including Madonna are doing great jobs to nation’s development , adopting orphans, building infrastructures, for instance, the pediatric surgery and intensive care unit in Blantyre and other beneficial  projects but must be done in good faith.


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