The country has from nowhere been hit with rise in rape cases in which most of the victims involved are teenage girls.

Most of the offenders to this crime are being brought to book even though it’s a clear fact that there are still some who are free despite having committed this shameful offence.

While it is normal to put the whole blame on these suspected, it would also be fair to look into what had attracted the offence in the first place.

The issue is most young girls nowadays seem to be on the loose in as far as modern life and fashion is concerned.

The 15-year-old girl of 2017 is not the same with the 15-year-old girl of 7 years ago.

Girls of today have grown wings to the extent that one would eventually fall into a temptation of committing an offence just because of the way they are behaving.

Not all the recent rape cases were actually designed by the man himself but some of them were fueled by girls themselves because of how they dress, talk and etc.

In Chichewa there is a saying that goes like, “Zoziyamba Dala.”

Its high time parents and guardians put in much effort in bringing up their girl children in proper manners.

You would see a parent allowing a girl child to leave the house half naked or at late time when the sun has already set and be surprised when she comes back raped.

If we demand for a complete end to cases of rape involving young girls, it should start with the parents spending time with their children and advising them how to live a proper and a safe life.

My late granny once said, “Kusesa timayambira m`nyumba kenako kukathera panja,” meaning to say “we start sweeping from the inner side of the house and finish off with the outside compound”.

If parents really want a change, it should start with them.



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