A woman has attacked a pastor inside the church, accusing the man of abandoning her and eloping with the wife of his own son.
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According to a report by SDE, the worshippers at an evangelical church in Luandeti, Kakamega County were last Sunday treated to a free-for-all drama.

This is after, Hilda Lwakane, an abandoned wife confronted her estranged husband, Patrick Lumbasi, who is a pastor, with his new wife, who happens to be an ex-wife to his son, in the house of God.

The fact that her ex-husband had the nerve to pay the church a visit (after staying away for over two years) and worship in the company of his new wife enraged Hilda Lwakane so much so that she attacked them minutes after they walked in.

According to SDE, Patrick Lumbasi was an assistant pastor at the church, before eloping with his son’s wife – only identified as Milly.

Two years ago, Lumbasi abandoned his wife with four children at his Luandeti home and moved to Turbo town in neighbouring Uasin Gishu County with his son’s wife. The woman already had a child with Lumbasi’s son.

News had spread about the incestuous marriage months ago, with Lumbasi’s brothers and kin trying to prevail upon him to end it in vain.

Perhaps out of curiosity of the state of his first family, Lumbasi returned to his home in the company of his new wife, but made a stop at the local church first to attend the service.

But hardly had the couple settled in the church than Lumbasi’s first wife, who had spotted them walking in, pounced on them with slaps as she wailed, calling the other woman “a husband snatcher”.

“I was overwhelmed by anger and couldn’t take it anymore. I had to attack them to teach them a lesson,” said Lwakane.

Before she could explain herself, ushers at the church threw her out for causing a scene in church.

A furious Lumbasi followed her out the church and asked her to pack her belongings and go back to her parents and leave behind the children to be taken care of by his new wife.

“He asked me to leave his home because I have embarrassed him and his family,” she said.

Vincent Musungu, the elder brother to Lumbasi revealed that the incestuous marriage has been the talk of town for a while, but their efforts to end it have been in vain.

“I stay in Nairobi and when I got wind of the relationship. I summoned the two (Lumbasi and Milly) with the intention of convincing them out of the illicit affair. He unfortunately turned hostile and asked me to mind my own business,” said Musungu who is currently away from work on leave.

The sad state of affairs disturbed Musungu who investigated further to know where they lived, hoping to have more talks with them so as to end the marriage.

“My inquest led me to Turbo, where they live and operate a general shop called Pamilly, an acronym of Patrick and Milly. I raised the matter with their senior pastor back in Lwandeti but it appeared he couldn’t solve the problem. I even involved village elders but all was in vain,” said Musungu.

By the time of filing this story, the abandoned wife had nowhere to go and was asking locals to defend her and help her by prevailing upon her husband to change his mind.

“We don’t know what to do. This is taboo, only that they are yet to sire a child together but they live with that child whom we don’t know if he now calls Lumbasi grandpa or dad. That marriage has to end and the two get cleansed,” said Musungu, expressing his worry on what will happen to Lwakane, once he travels back to Nairobi.

SDE could not reach Lumbasi’s son for comment.

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