Everybody knew this could happen, Islam is not as weak as Christianity,the first Muslim man wedded  in a same-sex marriage has spoken about the abuse he has received since the history making ceremony.

Jahed Choudhury, 24, and husband Sean Rogan, 19, said they had received abusive phone calls and ‘hate’ since they married in Darlaston, West Midlands last month.

Appearing on ITV’s This Morning, Mr Choudhury said his family had been supportive of his marriage but he knew that his religion would ‘never accept homosexuals’.

He said: ‘This morning I got a phone call saying some hate comments, coming for my mum. It is not just Muslims it is anyone who is religious, homophobic.

‘I know that Islam will never accept homosexuals. It is written there in black and white. But this is how I chose to live my life.

‘I separate in my head being gay and Muslim. I will always be Muslim, I will always pray, it will never change.

‘The main message is to educate the traditional family. I just hope no one has to go through [what I did] when I was young.’

Mr Choudhury grew up in the West Midlands feeling ostracised by the Muslim community because he was gay.

He was even sent on a religious pilgrimage in an attempt to change his sexual orientation.

Two years ago, following a lifetime of bullying and an attempted overdose, Mr Choudhury again considered taking his own life.

But he was spotted crying on a town bench in Darlaston by Sean Rogan, 19, and the pair have been together ever since. They were married on June 22.

source:Mail Online

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