American TV presenter, Jenny Scordamaglia, shocked people after she encouraged music fans to grab her bre@sts and butt0ck at a music festival.

The 28-year-old bared her body and was felt up by revellers at the Arenal Sound festival in Spain for a broadcast for her Miami TV station.

According to multiple online reports, she wore a halter top that showed off her bre@sts with a tiny purple miniskirt and no knickers, and both men and women wasted no time copping a feel.

However, her fans said the video was uncomfortable viewing and praised her husband, Enrique, who is also her cameraman, for staying calm.

Her daring dress sense has won her thousands of adoring fans who tune in to see what she is and in many cases, isn’t wearing.

Jenny Scordamaglia has featured in popular magazines like Teen Vogue, Seventeen and Cosmopolitan.

See photos below

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