A housemaid has shocked many people with her recent confession after revealing how she mixed her employer’s food with menstrual blood.
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A Zimbabwean housemaid originally from Mhondoro recently shocked church congregants when she confessed that she fed her employers food mixed with menstrual blood and urine among other unimaginable stuff in protest over outstanding wages.

According to The Weekend Post, Netsai Chigariro (not real name) told hundreds of people attending a New Revelation Ministries service held at Unit L Community Hall in Chitungwiza on Saturday that she “fixed” her employers through the food.

“My employers had gone for four months without paying me; they were not even willing to increase my monthly wage. They chose to splash money on petty things at my expense and as a result, there was nothing I could do so I fixed them through the food.

“I used to cook their food with menstrual blood and urine. On another day, I collected blood from a dying cat and put some of its blood in tomato sauce. Their favourite food was scrambled eggs hence I usually fixed them through eggs,” said the 40-year-old maid.

Chigariro was employed by a family in Borrowdale suburb, Harare before she quit the job.

The New Revelation Ministries leader Miracle Paul said Chigariro’s acts were inspired by the devil.

“The devil took advantage of her, she was not knowing what she was doing as the devil was at work. She was being used to advance the devil’s mission and agenda,” Miracle Paul said.

After the encounter with the New Revelation Ministries leader, Chigariro regretted the acts.

“It’s a pity it happened but I promise to be a good and trusted maid in future,” she said.

Chigariro’s act can be used to mirror what actually happens when housemaids are treated with cruelty.

In 2014, a Ugandan nanny Jolly Tumuhirwe, now 27, was filmed beating and kicking the then 18-month-old Aneela Kamanzi after she vomited while eating dinner.

The video of Tumuhirwe went viral on social media platforms, thereby sparking outrage.

She was sentenced to four years in jail for ill-treating a toddler.

In June this year, a maid in Kenya Jecinta Muya, 25, was arrested for kidnapping and poisoning her former employer’s nine-year-old boy.

Muya’s actions were motivated by anger as she was pushing for a ransom.

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