Here’s an interesting revelation of a young pretty Ghanaian Snapchat prostitute who makes millions of dollars monthly and has politicians, musicians, footballers and even church pastors as clients. who decided to investigate the fascinating lives of young Ghanaians on social media as many have launched a s*x business on the internet, has published an exclusive interview with a Snapchat prostitute who makes over $11thousand a month and has footballers, musicians, pastors and even politicians as clients.
Here’s how the publication exclusively reported the encounter with the social media whore;
“I was introduced to Queen Farcadi, who I was told is the mother of what has become a new and popular means of making money in Ghana by several young women between 16 and 25 years.

“Farcadi does not have any main stream media credibility but she rules the Ghanaian SnapChat landscape. She is said to be the Ghanaian with the largest following on SnapChat.
“Of course, s*x sells and I’ve always known that so I wasn’t just interested in a woman selling herself for money. Rather, the new ways it’s being done on the back of social media, how it’s being done and more also, why Ghanaians who live in a country that detests such activities are boldly using the internet to indulge in whoring which they say is super profitable.
“After speaking to a few contacts in Ghana, I was put in touch with Queen Farcadi, a 21-year old whore whose SnapChat catches fire anytime she is live, literally.

“This young girl actually trended on Twitter for hours earlier this year when she joined the social media platform that should tell you about her social media popularity.

“Farcadi is currently pregnant: for a girl who was making about 30,000 GHS a month on whoring (10,000 offline and 20,000 online) after all expenses have been paid, you would consider her pregnancy to be bad for business. But Farcadi is not stupid, she made sure the man who knocked her up was not an average Joe–the person provides even more.

“She pays about 1200 dollars a month for an apartment in East Legon–where she runs her whoring business from and her tall client lists include Pastors, Musicians, Politicians and Footballers.

“Ghana’s Black Stars Captain, Asamoah Gyan makes me easily believe Farcadi when she says the listed groups patronize her services–after all, Gyan recently confessed that he met Sarah Akwablah on Instagram and f*cked her the very day they met, following which Akwablah demanded for money from him.
“That’s exactly what Farcadi and her girls do–but they negotiate the price first, before even seeing you.

“Farcadi’s business model does not just entail the traditional f*ck and pay, she runs a premium account on SnapChat where she strips and gets other girls like her to  F*ck live for her paid audience. And she says Ghanaian men love to pay for s*x. She was making as much as 20,000 GHS a month from this SnapChat live cam business.
“During the conversation, Queen Farcadi talked about how she got into this business, what her parents think of she does, spoke about her experiences and said about 75% of Ghanaian women are whores, they all f*ck around. She used to too, but she realized some years ago that, there’s no point in allowing guys to continue to f*ck her for free.

“So she started charging for each f*uck instead of being chopped for free like the others. She admitted she has deeply bleached, adding that, it was a business decision to bleach as Ghanaian men prefer light skinned girls to dark skinned.

“It was a brutally honest conversation and I admire her sincerity. She also said Ghanaian men like to chop her ass a lot–which comes with an extra charge.”
Farcadi who’s one of the most popular girls you would come across on Snapchat, posts videos her twerking in a seductive style. She often posts almost unclad pictures of herself on the platform and charges a fee those who wanted to see more.
According to TORI News,  she’s slept with at least 100 men and still counting and charges  for seasonable amount per an hour and makes more than  $11thousand a month from her new found whoring business.
To be safe and make sure she’s not set up, she has a manager and chooses which hotel, she wants to be banged in. She disclosed also that most Ghanaian men love to bang her in the anus as well, and so charges an extra for those who want her ass as well.
Farcadi’s business model does not just entail the traditional Bleep and pay, she runs a premium account on SnapChat where she strips and gets other girls like her to Bleep live for her paid audience. And she says Ghanaian men love to pay for s*x.

Below is her interview

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