Former Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Fahad Assani has differed with Alliance for Democracy (Aford) Enock Chihana to have all Ministers under Dr. Joyce Banda’s reign arrested over cashgate scandal.

Chihana who once served as Minister of Sports and Culture over the weekend said government is a collective responsibility so the state should not arrest Dr Banda alone.

“Running government is a collective responsibility because the president, the vice and all the Cabinet ministers are involved in making the decision. If Joyce Banda did something wrong then all the ministers, including me, did wrong and we should be arrested,” he said.

But reacting to Chihana’s remarks, Assani said police work is evidence.

“It is not a question of collective responsibility. Police base it [warrant of arrest] on evidence they gather on a particular individual unless there are leads linking to others involved. Ordinarily, when you apply for a warrant off arrest, it is a particular person’s involvement in whatever suspicions you have in terms of the investigation,” Assani said.

The Malawi Police Service (MPS) last week announced they have a warrant of arrest for Banda over Cashgate charges.

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