We all know there is a new style of dancing called dabbing which also Madonna`s daughter did when she visited Malawi.

It has trended and mostly seen in many music videos around the world but to your surprise, it’s not allowed in some countries and recently someone has been arrested for using that dance move.

an illustration of a person dabbing

Saudi TV host, actor, and singer Abdallah Al Shahani was arrested for dabbing during a concert in Taif, Saudi Arabia last weekend.

Abdallah Al Shahani arrested for dabbing

The Saudi Interior Ministry’s National Commission For Combating Drugs recently banned the dance move because they consider it a reference to marijuana.

A notice from the commission warns “people about the dangers of this [move] on the youth and society, and is warning against imitating,”

He apologized on Twitter on Tuesday, saying it was an accident:

“I apologize to our respected government and to my audience for unintentionally and spontaneously making the dance move at Taif festival. Please accept my apology.”

Most Muslim countries are strict with their culture such that they do not just copy anything from western countries unlike other countries including Malawi.

Madonna`s adopted daughter, Mercy James dabbing in front of president Peter Muntharika

Malawi is a free country where people are allowed to follow their life interests and its not a crime to choose to live a western culture.

Just recently America`s pop star Madonna visited Malawi with her Malawian adopted daughter Mercy James and she happened to express the new dab move infront of our president  during the official opening of The Mercy James Institute for Pediatric Surgery and Intensive Care at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre.

Did the singer really deserved the arrest??




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