A 15-year-old girl who faked her age died  after her boss ‘forced her to do 100 squats as punishment for being late.’ The schoolgirl, whose surname is Wu, died of respiratory failure in August after she reportedly quit her studies to pay her dad’s medical bills.
Wu was said to have borrowed her friend’s ID as she applied for jobs and was employed by real estate firm Qfang in Zhongshan, Guangdong, China.

The employers apparently did not double check her ID as the believed she was over 18.

According to her mum, Wu arrived late for work on one day in late July and was asked to do 100 squats as punishment.

She said: “She was asked to do 100 but couldn’t even reach halfway.”

“But her manager forced her to continue anyway.”

A manager at the firm told Guangdong Television Broadcast the exercise was “not a punishment” but admitted she was forced to do deep squats.

Afterwards, Wu complained to her parents of discomfort and said she was sometimes unable to move her legs.

Her parents asked her to return to the family home in Hunan province where they took her to hospital.

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